Hunt Garden Creations
Services & Fees


Hunt Garden Creations provides a friendly, professional and imaginative garden design service. We aim to make the process of having your garden designed enjoyable and rewarding and take care to tailor our designs to suit your budget and expectations.

You can choose to have your garden designed and built by us, or you might just want a design which you can implement yourself.

Consultancy - If you have a problem area in your garden, a border that needs rejuvenating, or you need a planting scheme for some containers, we can provide support and advice. You will receive a report, scale drawings and sketches showing our suggestions. We can also provide an estimate of what it would cost for us to make the changes for you.

Surveying - We can produce a scale plan of your garden showing the exact location of your boundaries, garden structures, plant borders, plants, paths and other garden features.

Design - Whether your garden is a blank canvas or if you have an existing garden which needs re-developing, we can help. We provide a full design service from understanding your requirements and developing the initial ideas, to producing accurate scale plans and construction drawings enabling the design to be built. To learn more about the stages involved in realising a new garden please go to Design Process.

Project management - We use reputable local landscape contractors to build our designs, and manage their progress closely. We organise the tendering process and contracts; all you need to do is settle with the contractor upon successful completion of each stage of the project.

Aftercare - Once your garden has been completed, we can produce a maintenance plan to help you look after it with step-by-step instructions on everything from pruning to lawn care. In addition we can provide advice and suggestions on dealing with plant problems or making enhancements.


Following an initial consultation at your property, you will receive a proposal document which includes the design fees for each stage of the project.

Our design fees are based on the estimated time to complete each stage of the Design Process. These are fixed and will only alter if significant changes to the design are requested once the design work is underway. Project management and aftercare are charged at an hourly rate. The initial consultation is charged at £50 plus travel costs.

When considering how much to spend on a complete re-design and construction project, you should treat the garden as a financial investment and budget for between 3-10% of the property value as a realistic figure. The design fees form a modest part of the total cost, the majority being construction materials, labour and plants.