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For All The Family

This rear plot is narrow near the house and opens out beyond the buildings. The design needed to cater for the different needs of the family and improve the use of the space. Features that were required included a children’s play area within view of the house, a large patio for outdoor entertaining, several seating areas, a large Koi Carp pond, vegetable and cutting gardens, and a storage area by the shed The geometric design not only complements the strong lines of the house but creates well-connected garden rooms. Interest is provided though the changes in ground level, the raised pond and two pergolas. The patio and pergola at the end of the garden provide a private retreat and catches the late afternoon sun.

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(1/3) Plan of garden looking towards the house showing the division into functional areas including a patio by the house, play area, formal pond with orchard, vegetable garden and private area with pergola (bottom right).
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