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City Wildlife Haven

The busy professional couple owning this garden wanted a place to relax and entertain friends with planting that was beneficial to wildlife. The garden has views of mature trees on adjacent land and the design sought to maintain these views while creating strong interest points within the garden in the form of a pergola, camomile lawn and large deck. The garden is south-facing so a shaded seating area was a prerequisite.

Wide deck walkways run around the side of the house and provide easy access to the garage. A secure storage area was created on one side of the house for wheelie bins and bikes. Dry access was provided to the existing shed along with mains voltage power.

The large deck is carefully balanced with generous plant borders which are stocked with insect and bird-friendly perennials, berry-producing shrubs and scented plants including herbs. A small pond by the deck with a water cascade provides a popular drinking and bathing place for birds as well as a home for amphibians.

The photographs were taken 2 months after the planting was completed

What the owner says about the garden

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(1/14) View of the rear garden after some initial weed clearance. In addition to providing a practical year-round place to relax, the design has made this small space seem much larger and more interesting.
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